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"THE GODFATHER" 40th Anniversary Celebration

Hosted by the Chicago Film Critics Association

·       4K digitally restored "THE GODFATHER" presented in 4K Sony Digital,

·       "GODFATHER" themed Italian dinner specials in Bogart’s – located on the second floor of Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18,

·       Film discussion hosted by Chicago Film Critics Association members Mark Dujsik and Nick Allen

Chicago Film Critics Association members Mark Dujsik (of Mark Reviews Movies) and Nick Allen (of The Scorecard Review) will introduce the Saturday December 8 showing of "THE GODFATHER". Mark and Nick will also moderate a post film discussion to discuss the impact of "THE GODFATHER" on the film industry and American culture.

"THE GODFATHER" digital 4K restoration

Widely regarded as an American classic, "THE GODFATHER" was not properly preserved. For decades, the original negative was used to create release prints causing considerable wear to the negative.  A print run in the 1980’s caused severe damage to the original IB Technicolor negative.  Recently, at the request of Francis Ford Coppola, film preservation expert Richard Harris spent a year digitally restoring "THE GODFATHER", which, according to cinematographer Gordon Willis, now looks as good as it did in 1972.

Muvico, in association with the Chicago Film Critics Assiciation, is proud to present a 40th anniversary screening of the 4K digital restoration of "THE GODFATHER" projected by Sony 4K digital (the digital equivalent of 70mm).

"THE GODFATHER" 40th anniversary dinner specials at Bogart’s

Muvico Theaters will present a special "GODFATHER" Italian dinner at Bogart’s (located on the second floor of Muvico Rosemont).

Special entre dinner specials including Clemenza’s special meatball recipe straight from the movie, Italian appetizers, and a "Leave the Gun, take the Tiramisui" dessert.

"THE GODFATHER" 40th anniversary celebration schedule

Muvico Theaters Rosemont   December 8, 2012

7:00PM – "THE GODFATHER" style Italian dinner specials at Bogart’s

8:00PM-    Chicago Film Critics Association members Mark Dujsik and Nick Allen introduce "THE GODFATHER", followed by a post film discussion.

Advance tickets may be purchased at www.muvico.com.  For additional information, please call (847) 447-1040.

Located in Rosemont off of River Road and 294, the Muvico Rosemont 18 features elegant stadium seating, state of the art Sony 4K digital projection, and Bogart’s; a full service bar and restaurant. www.muvico.com.  Muvico offers free parking with parking validation.

Bogart's Bar & Grill is a full service bar and restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18.  Offering classic American Fare, a large variety of domestic and imported beers, and top shelf liquor and wine selections, Bogart's is a great place to sit down for a great meal or cocktail, before the show after the show or anytime!