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The Chicago Film Critics Association is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization which maintains a 501 (c)3 status. The parent association was founded in 1990 by film critic Sue Kiner after the successful launch of the Chicago Film Critics Awards in 1989.


The Chicago Film Critics Association maintains professional, charitable and educational goals, overseeing:

  • Chicago Film Critics Awards - Held annually, this newsworthy and prestigious event honors outstanding film works, performances and individuals.
  • Chicago Critics Film Festival - Founded in 2013, this is the only film festival entirely programmed by a critics' group. www.chicagocriticsfilmfestival.com
  • Critic Roundtables - This informal gathering of critics is held at colleges and universities to engage the public in critical discussion.
  • Industry & Rights Issues - The association takes a stand on important issues affecting the industry and/or artists' rights, issuing an official statement from its 60+ membership.


The association is overseen by the Board of Directors. The original Board maintained six members -- Sue Kiner, Dann Gire, Johanna Steinmetz, Norman Mark, Sharon LeMaire and Roy Leonard. The Board was first expanded in 1992 with the addition of Joh Iltis and Sherman Wolf. Currently, the Board consists of eight individuals -- Dann Gire, Brian Tallerico, Erik Childress, Peter Sobczynski, Locke Peterseim, Steve Prokopy and Alejandro Riera. The by-laws allow upwards of 13 Board members.

Charter Board members have lifetime Board appointments, if they choose. Board members elected after 1990 serve an initial two years with a possible two year renewal thereafter.

There are four positions on the Executive Board -- President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The current Board is Dann Gire (President), Brian Tallerico (Vice President), Erik Childress (Executive Secretary) and Alejandro Riera (Treasurer).


The association also has off-Board committees overseen by member critics. Some of the committees include:

  • Zappa Committee (Artists Rights)
  • Voting Rules & Procedures
  • Membership Qualification
  • Web Communications
  • Critic Roundtables


Before the founding of the Chicago Film Critics Association, attending movie screenings had all the appeal of camping out in the Arctic Circle. Naked. Read Dann Gire's letter>>


Hey, remember when the Chicago Film Critics Association got into a nasty smack-down with haughty executives at 20th Century Fox? I’m not talking about the summer of 2007. That protest was genteel compared to the first time that the CFCA had a dust-up with Fox and hounded the studio until it regained its senses.