The 2017-18 Membership Drive for the CFCA is currently open. We will be accepting applications until July 30, 2017.

Membership in the Chicago Film Critics Association is restricted to professional film critics recognized by editors or producers as their commercial media outlets' official critical voices or staff authorities on the cinematic arts and whose work has a Chicago presence.

To join, a critic must provide a letter written on company stationery and signed by a producer or editor attesting to the paid employment and official status of the critic. We also need samples of published or broadcast work or websites. Reviews should be full-length works in their respective media: interviews, gossip columns and capsule comments are not acceptable as critiques. Current annual dues are $75. Candidates must serve a minimum of six months in their current positions to qualify for membership, and must reside within the Chicago area, defined as Cook County, the collar counties and part of Northwest Indiana.

Sarah Knight Adamson | Hollywood 360 Radio

Nick Allen

Jessica Aymond

Zbigniew Banas
WPNA | WNVR | Polvision TV

Patrick Bromley | | Daily Dead

Dave Canfield
Twitch Film Online

Erik Childress | WGN & WHPK Radio | WYCC-TV | Magill's Cinema Annual

Nick Digilio

Andrew Alexander Dowd
The AV Club

Mark Dujsik | | Magill's Annual

Matt Fagerholm |

David J. Fowlie
Keeping It Reel

Dann Gire
Daily Herald

Blake Goble
Consequence of Sound

David Kaplan

Jeanne Kaplan

Adam Kempenaar
Filmspotting | WBEZ

Richard Knight, Jr.
Windy City Times

Chuck Koplinski
Illinois Times | News-Gazette | WCIA-TV | Mix 94.5 FM

Genevieve Koski | The Next Picture Show

Andrew Lapin 
NPR | Uproxx

Josh Larsen 
Larsen On Film | Think Christian | Filmspotting

Sarah Marrs

Patrick McDonald

Patrick Z. McGavin
Light Sensitive

Sergio Mims
Indiewire | WHPK-FM

Jacob Oller
Film School Rejects

Erika S. Olson

Matt Pais

Locke Peterseim
Hammer & Thump | Open Letters Monthly | Magill's Annual

Keith Phipps | The Next Picture Show

Michael Poulos
Journal & Topics Newspapers

Steven Prokopy
Ain't It Cool News

Alejandro Riera |

Katie Rife
The AV Club

Tasha Robinson
The Verge | The Next Picture Show

Richard Roeper
Chicago Sun-Times | Windy City Live | WGN Radio

Michael Roffman
Consequence of Sound

David Schultz
North Lawndale Newspaper

Alison Shoemaker
Consequence of Sound

Lee Shoquist

Ian Simmons
Kicking the Seat

Alissa Simon
Facets Features | Variety

Michael Snydel
The Film Stage

Peter Sobczynski | | Magill's Annual

Collin Souter | Magill’s Annual | WGN Radio | WHPK-FM |

Bill Stamets
Chicago Sun-Times |

Milos Stehlik

Dominick Suzanne-Mayer
Consequence of Sound | The Kelly Affair

Brian Tallerico

Scott Tobias
Freelance | The Next Picture Show

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
A.V. Club

Michael Walters

Bill Zwecker
Chicago Sun-Times | WFLD-TV